Monday, May 4, 2009

The View from in here...

As Nicole sleeps off the jet-lag hang over, I thought I would show you what we see from our window:

We have a nice pool with a deck and a gym right beside it. This over looks West Lake, or Ho Tay Lake, which is the biggest in Hanoi. It seems there is lots to do around this lake. I havent done any exploring yet, but the traffic looks insane outside our lobby, so it should be fun. It really is just a side street, but there are no traffic laws . Coming in last night on a highway was a little nerve racking - lots of people on scooters, some on bikes, some just walking along the highway. Our cab just flashed his high beams, honked the horn a few times and passed where ever he could. I think I will rent a scooter to get the full experience. But first, let me try to cross the road on foot to get the feel of it first.

This is cool - go to Google maps, type in the address for this hotel: 254D Thuy Khue Road, Hanoi, Vietnam, switch the view to Satellite and zoom down on the location - you can see the where we are and the surrounding areas.

We have started taking some video

So keep an eye out for some fine Smylie Productions Films coming soon...

This one is not post worthy, just me filming Nicole at the airport Tim's @ 5am.

More to come. Cheers! Brian


  1. can't wait to see those video's. looks like your hotel is nice, did you get the somerset westlake?
    tomorrow you will get to hold Nate, how exciting!

    thinking of you guys and happy your time has finally come.

  2. Hi guys,
    I think today is the BIG DAY for you (it's 1 pm Tues here). Can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it.
    Lillian and Dave

  3. Zooming in on the location really gave a sense that we are with you. Which we are of course not in body but in spirit. Can't wait to see the new posts of Nate. Sleep well.

  4. By the way Brian and Nic, if your wondering who Hurricane is its your sister in law Trina. Sorry forgot my google account was set up under my boot camp knick name.

  5. Traffic in Vietnam is amazing. When you are crossing the street, just commit and keep walking... traffic will flow around you like water. Stopping and starting will get you into trouble. Walk confidently! Re renting your own scooter: Take a motorcycle taxi a few times as a first step... you may lose your nerve for your own rental!