Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick Update

Well, we still don't have a time for our G&R, but our guide here tells us it should be tomorrow. I am so excited that I really have not been able to sleep much since we have least not at normal hours. Brian of course can fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

We moved hotels and although this one is not quite as nice and quiet, we are feeling much more comfortable here in Hanoi. Although, I still want to close my eyes everytime we cross the street.

We did a little shopping today and I feel a little bit more like myself. Brian purchased a beautiful new wallet for me for Mother's Day and we found an adorable plaid bear for Nate... and of course we got suckered in to buying some pineapple from a couple of street vendors. Very crafty ladies.


  1. what hotel are you now at?
    fingers crossed that tomorrow is the day for you G&R!

    still no word for us, looking like early June. wah.

    leslie :)

  2. We moved to the Somerset Grand, just outside the Old Quarter with much more to offer in this area vs. the Westlake. Its a little more money, but they gave us a 2 BR apartment so we have a ton of space.

  3. Hilarious photos! Didn't we warn you about the ladies with the sticks?? I remember a lady putting one of those things on my shoulder while I was trying to cross the street!

  4. Wow that is so exciting - fingers crossed that the G & R is tomorrow. LOVE the pics - but Nic I just somehow can't see you doing this for long :)

    Can't wait to see more of the Wylie family updates.

    Luv D xoxo

  5. I’ve been ready your log and crying at the same time. Having 4 children destroys all dignity and ability to control your emotions which you will soon discover. Scott caught me and quickly walked/ran away at the sight. I think he’s scared …the last time that happened I found out we were expecting twins! I think he's hiding in the basement! Nate is just absolutely beautiful and you both look so happy. I wish I could talk to you and let you know how happy I truly am for you both. The luckiest little boy in the world! Can’t wait to have you back and to share this wonderful new chapter of your life.
    Thinking of you…at very odd hours of the night
    Luv Bella & our 4 terrorists

  6. Crossing my fingers that you will get that all important call any minute telling you that the G+R is happening today...

  7. I hope it wasn't the pineapple that made Brian sick? Hope he's feeling better I'm sure your all on such a high. Love the hats!