Thursday, May 7, 2009

G & R Ceremony still on hold

Well, our G & R ceremony will not be this week. It's difficult to be here and not have Nate with us. I was so hopeful that it would be Saturday, but apparently it will not happen until early next week...we still dont know if we will be leaving Vietnam on our scheduled date either.
The weather here is, appropriately so, dark and stormy and getting out for a walk today does not seem to be an option. Streets are flooded, we dont have the rain gear, so it looks like it will be a lazy day hanging around the room and watching some movies (thanks for those Brad). We know of other people around the country right now in various states of adoption - those waiting, those who have had the G&R's, those about to travel with their new children...we wish them all well. And to those about to come soon, make sure all your paper work is correct and up to date, double check everything, review it all with the agency, then check it again.
Stay tuned...
B & N & N


  1. Very disappointing. I hope paperwork problems cans be cleared up easily. If you are interested in getting together with other adopting Canadians presently in Hanoi to pass the time email me and I'll hook you up.

    Bev and Benjaminh

  2. Hi Nicole and Brian,
    So sorry to hear about this. I can't imagine what's it like to be so close and yet so far. I guess time will just pass and you will be with Nate very soon.
    Lillian and Dave

  3. i'm sorry you still don't have Nate with you. that would be hard.
    i hope it will be monday and then you have FOREVER :)


  4. Sorry to hear this .. hopefully Monday Nate will be with you!

    Carol and Mike

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that your G& R was postponed. Hopefully it will be early next week and then you'll begin your lives together as a family. Sending our love and positive vibes your way that you'll have your little boy to take home soon. He is beautiful and we can hardly wait to meet him. Luv the Cappelli's xo

  6. hey there

    Well, I finally got technical and loged onto your blog....OMG, that boy, Nate< is so beautiful and he seems so placid and well behaved, long may it continue......Nicole, I have to say I was teary eyed when you first held him....amazing.....lets hope you can get him asap and get home.....thinking of you three.....p.s. good job dog slobber is more hygenic than human!! Love you xx She xx

  7. Hello!
    Nate is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to meet him and see you guys again when you are back home!
    I hope everything gets cleared up super fast!!!
    Christine and Sebastian