Thursday, May 14, 2009

The heat

Not sure if you noticed, but I am sweating alot in the pics and vids. Because its very hot here. It rains most days, and unlike in Canada, it actually gets hotter after the rain.

If anyone from TDH is reading, can you hook us up with our next adoption? I am thinking Iceland would be great.

I hope the air conditioning is working in the new office...



  1. Funny you should mention sweat; when I last reviewed the Blog, I thought you both looked very cool and comfy! so far, the sweat doesn't show.

    Are you able to follow any Canadian news, e.g. Toronto? the Tamil protests tying up the Gardiner? all that fun stuff? mom

  2. Hope baby Nate is doing better. You guys actually don't look sweaty at all. Good camera work. Can't wait to experience the sauna first hand.

  3. You are hilarious. Couldn't tell.