Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daddy and Nate

A couple of pics and vids from our first visit to the orphanage...

This is one special little guy..

I had a chance to wander and reflect with Nate while he dozed in my arms. I can't wait to get him home...


  1. Looks like Dad's a natural. So nice.

  2. You have the pace down. Now you have to work on the bouncing back and forth, back and forth. Can't wait to have my turn with him.

  3. Dearest Mommy Nicole and Daddy Brian. What naturals you are! Thank you for adding the videos - they make us feel like we are there sharing this special journey with you. We know first hand what a feat it is to balance the messages, video, and time changes. We look forward to meeting the entire clan when you're settled enough to share. Hugs & safe travels from Noah, Daniela and Carlo xoxoxo

  4. Wow thanks so much for posting the video - I feel like I'm right there with you both (sniff). Luv ya..D