Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nate's Top 10

Here are Nate's top 10 favorite things...

10. Swimming in the pool. My one old school one piece bathing suit is nice and form fitting.

9. Taking a walk around Hoan Kiem lake in the afternoon. I enjoy all the attention and the clucking noise all the women make at me. My Mommy has yet to master that noise.

8. Bed is how it works..I lie down on the bed and Daddy leans over me with his hands on either side of me and shakes the bed. It's fun and you should try it sometime.

7. Watching the scene out my window. One of my parents is required to hold me so I can see, but it's fun to watch people play tennis...I still can't figure out why they are so mad at the ball and keep hitting it with their rackets.

6. Making a mess in my diaper. For some reason my parents make all kinds of phewing noises and act as though there is something toxic that needs to be disposed of.

5. Taking naps...not sure why everyone doesn't take more naps...they ROCK!

4. Lying on my belly and doing the cobra...what an awesome yoga move. Provides me with a good back stretch and sometimes makes me fart. I call that killing 2 birds with one stone.

3. Getting fussy while my parents are eating. They seem to want to do anything they can to make me's hilarious.

2. A good warm bottle. I'm working on moving into a middle weight category and formula really seems to help with keeping the scales up.

1. Cuddling with my Mommy and Daddy. No explanation needed other than it just feels good.

Future #1 - being in Canada


  1. Hahaha, YES! What is up with the fussy stuff just when we start eating?! I thought it was only my kids! It's like they just wait for it.

    The yoga pose/fart thing is very interesting, must try that!

  2. Hilarious. I like the killing 2 birds with one stone - smart kid!

  3. No doubt Daddy will help Nate take the "fart" thing to the next(of several)level in good time.