Wednesday, May 6, 2009


You probably saw his face right at the beginning of our video when Nate was first brought to us, his name is Bin and he is about 5 or 6. Wrought with learning disabilities, this little guy has been at the orphanage since he was a baby. Previous adoptee Jacqueline remembers him from over a year ago. Today he is asking his care givers why only the babies are getting adopted and not him...he is just starting to understand what is going on around him. He is certainly adorable and you can tell that he is a very sensitive soul, curious and alert, but cautious at the same time. I got to show him his face in the camera and he really liked that. He also liked the candy we picked up at the Duty Free, I hope that he got more after we left. Don't worry Jacqueline, when we go back we will give him a hug for you.

This really is the face of orphanage hardship in Vietnam, and a continuing sad story of those who are forgotten and left behind. The same can be said about adoption in any country including Canada - I know there are tens of thousands of kids in the system in Ontario alone with stories like his and worse. If you get a chance, lend a hand to these kids, because no matter where you are reading this from, one is near you all the time.


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  1. I remember sweet Bin from when Jacqueline travelled to Hanoi for her daughter. I know everyone that meets him falls in love with him. I have seen several photos from the orphanage and he manages to appear in many. I'm glad you brought him some candy :)