Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now it's time for....more waiting!

That's right, passports and citizenship applications and paperwork is underway. But that is OK because it gives us time to spend with Nate, getting to know him and he gets to know us. How can we get him on our sleep schedule? That is the next task.

We received a few more pictures of the G&R ceremony thanks to M and L, so thought we would share.

Here we sign the register to make it official with Nate looking on rather bored, but damn cute...

The ride home was pretty restful for Nate, it was a big day afterall...

In other related news, Nate had his first poo this morning, it wasn't pretty. No picture, but if anyone wants it, leave a comment and I will capture the next one. More of that to come, we know...

Hope to get home soon.

B & N & N

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