Thursday, May 14, 2009

Took Nate to the clinic

He was horribly congested, snotty, coughing, chest rattling, sneezing and generally looking/sounding like most Canadians in the middle of January. That is what it must have been like for him in our apartment with the air con set to the highest temp of 25 degrees after growing up in the tropical heat and humidity at the orphanage.

A great international clinic just down the street, The SOS, with a great Irish doctor. Now we have some medicine to dole out 2x per day.

Oh, and he likes to scratch his face and head, so even though we have filed down his nails, we still have to put little gloves on his hands to protect his scalp.

Here are his new measurements - 36 / 24 / 36

I mean weight - 7.42 KG. Length - 64 cm. Head size - big. Everyone who stops to talk to us thinks he is about 7 months old. You can plot that size on this chart here if you like.

Thats it for now.

B & N & N

p.s. Chris - whats up with the Canucks?
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  1. Sure hope the little guy is feeling better soon. When can you bring him home?

  2. that is a big strapping boy you have there! hope he is feeling better soon.

  3. Oh man! Tropical baby meets AC. It's a tough road but he will make it through. I am so enjoying reading all these updates. And we all cry here at work at around 10 AM every day so that's team building right? Brian, he does look like you. Congrats and I hope the paperwork goes smoothly and quickly. Also, great news on the poop! - Lori Isber

  4. I hope he's feeling better. He'll love the summers in TO that's for sure!

    When will you guys be leaving? I never know what time it is there.

  5. I hope that little NAte is feeling better soon...hugs from all of us here..d xoxo