Tuesday, May 12, 2009

it's pretty much official at this point...

Well, the day started with very little fan-fare, just like any other day you would expect to be picking up a child for the first time - writhing around on the bathroom floor waiting for my keeper to take me away. That was my morning anyways. Started at about 5:30 and I havent had a bite to eat in over 12 hours.

But enough about me. We got the call about picking up Nate and got the gears in action...Nicole did at least. I stayed in bed until the last possible moment. Sure enough they arrived at 12-ish like they promised and we were off. 2 hours later we are at the orphanage and in a whirlwind, we are changing Nate into his special ceremonial outfit. Good lookin kid, picked his outfit out to match mine. Check out this short vid to check it out:

Then we were back into the van, dodging traffic through the mountains on our way to the Ministry office in Hoa Binh. This is where the official Giving and Receiving ceremony takes place, in a room that looks like this:

There are some official people sitting around, us and another couple waiting their turn as well. They said some words, we signed some papers, they took some pictures, we took some pictures, they coo'd at the babies and we gave them gifts. Then we left, hitting Hanoi rush hour traffic for 5:30. I know what commuters put up with on the QEW, but this is ridiculous. We are back at the apartment, so all that is left is to look at each other with confusion as to what we do next. I know I am tired and still queasy, but we gotta look after this guy now. Help...

Until next time, we are off to figure out how to feed him.




  1. Finally Nate is with his family! In a day or two you will be pro-diaper changers!

    Good luck! Keep on posting.

  2. Congratulations Nate!! On getting two great parents!! Can't wait to finally meet you. Hurry home.

  3. Congratulations...I wish sleep for all of you during your first night together.

  4. oh wow. so so so happy
    sorry brian is ill, ick. hope he is back to his normal self soon.
    thinking ofyou both and glad that today WAS THE DAY!

  5. So cool to watch Nic changing him. Good job Brian on all the videos. You must be running on pure adrenalin now. Soon you will have him home and will be able to settle in....not necessarily rest but settle in to your own abode with your precious bundle. He is an absolute doll!!

  6. Yeah!! Happy Family Day! I thank you for the instructional clothes changing video. I'm hoping you'll do one of bathing and diaper changing next. (just kidding - sort of)
    Brian - I hope you feel better soon. Now you can finally enjoy your stay in VN. Congratulations!
    Lillian and Dave

  7. Amazing news, I am sooooo happy for you both and baby Nate, he has tow awesome parents to look forward too.....I am happy your wait is over, bet you cant wait to get him home......Love you all, She xx

  8. Oh Congrats...yeah!!!What a lucky little boy to have been blessed with you both for parents. Nic you look like a pro - you had that baby dressed in no time :)

    Bri - I hope that you feel better soon...and great job with the videos...I love them it is so wonderful to be able to see snippets of your first days and moments together as a family. Can't wait to meet him..and see you both. Luv d xoxo

  9. HELLO BRIAN & NIC & NEW ADDITION NATE!!!! Trina hooked me up with your blog & I am so excited & happy for you all. Nate looks fantastic & everyone is so happy. I was watching some of the videos at work & had to stop because I was tearing up!!!! Have a safe trip home & welcome Nate!! And Brian... I was hoping you could bring the dog home too. He was so cute & looked like he loved you.
    Congrats to you all!!! Love, Mary
    P.S. How will this effect your coming to the Derby from now on? : )