Sunday, May 24, 2009

Made it home

What felt like 3 days of travelling almost was! The reality was almost 30 hours of air or airport time, cancelled flights, no ticket for Nate in Chicago, lost luggage and confusion at the imigration desk...but we got home. We had a small group of people waiting (thanks Lisa, Liz, Megan, Paula and Chris) while we searched for lost luggage (thanks Air Canada). they got to the house earlier and cleaned up, filled the fridge and got the house ready. That was amazing. They also stayed the night and got up with Nate early so Nic and I could sleep off the travel hang over.

A couple of tips to those when they come home - infants need a ticket for all flights. Make sure the travel agent has that covered. Also, we were pulled into immigration by the customs guy who did not have to but he did not understand the fact that he was not a landed may be a good idea to stress that to the customs guy, but you have to play that one by ear. Even the immigration guy was a little confused that there was citizenship granted already vs. our sponsoring him. And be prepared for frustrations at every airport as you have to go through security at every point - which means ripping apart your carry on bags, breaking down strollers and taking off shoes a number of times over the day.

Nate was great on the planes, he really seems to like travelling. Air pressure changes did not bother him, but we kept a bottle on him for every take off and landing to help him swallow and pop his ears. He slept solid for about 6 hours last night and seems to really like his new home.

Now the real adventure begins...


  1. welcome HOME!
    did you fly air Canada the entire way and home?
    i hope the luggage was found.

    sounds like Nate is a great little traveller, i hope Meg is the same!

    we booked flights yesterday for June 5th - cross your fingers for no delays.

  2. hey leslie and shaune, congrats on getting your travel dates, looking forward to reading about your trip. We flew AC for only the last leg of the trip, Japan Air was great for the rest of the flights. If you got Cathay Pacific from Toronto to Hong Kong or something like that, you are golden! All the best. Brian

  3. So exciting, thank you for sharing! I hope your jet-lag goes well - 20% of people don't experience any, hopefully you are in there. If you do don't worry, it does go away.

  4. Welcome home guys! I can't wait to chat with you about your wonderful trip and hope to meet little Nate soon. HUGS to you both...D xoxo

    PS - Nic -I'l give you a day or two to recover from jet lag before I ring...luv d xoxo

  5. wow what an adventure for you all! so well worth it though. Glad you made it home and hope the family settles in nicely. Congratulations!