Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Made it home

What felt like 3 days of travelling almost was! The reality was almost 30 hours of air or airport time, cancelled flights, no ticket for Nate in Chicago, lost luggage and confusion at the imigration desk...but we got home. We had a small group of people waiting (thanks Lisa, Liz, Megan, Paula and Chris) while we searched for lost luggage (thanks Air Canada). they got to the house earlier and cleaned up, filled the fridge and got the house ready. That was amazing. They also stayed the night and got up with Nate early so Nic and I could sleep off the travel hang over.

A couple of tips to those when they come home - infants need a ticket for all flights. Make sure the travel agent has that covered. Also, we were pulled into immigration by the customs guy who did not have to but he did not understand the fact that he was not a landed may be a good idea to stress that to the customs guy, but you have to play that one by ear. Even the immigration guy was a little confused that there was citizenship granted already vs. our sponsoring him. And be prepared for frustrations at every airport as you have to go through security at every point - which means ripping apart your carry on bags, breaking down strollers and taking off shoes a number of times over the day.

Nate was great on the planes, he really seems to like travelling. Air pressure changes did not bother him, but we kept a bottle on him for every take off and landing to help him swallow and pop his ears. He slept solid for about 6 hours last night and seems to really like his new home.

Now the real adventure begins...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hangin in Japan airport

our first flight is behind us. Nate only freaked out once just before take off...but after a bottle was quickly inserted into his mouth he mellowed out. after that he slept like the baby he is in the basinet. the next flight is the longest..over 11 hours. that should be interesting.
only another 18 hours before we are home. Nate seems genuinely excited and slightly home. Nate seems genuinely excited and slightly crazy. pray that he sleeps..otherwise it crazy. pray that he sleeps..otherwise it will be a long flight.
our love to all of you!
Nicole, Brian and Nate

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We are coming home!!!!!

Just received an email that we can pick up Nate's Canadian Passport in the morning....we will fly out tomorrow night and be home Saturday afternoon. We cannot wait to bring our little Nate home and to introduce him to his new family and friends. It has only been just short of 3 weeks and although it's been an incredible experience and adventure, we are so ready to get on that plane and bring our baby home.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Return Flights Changed

We returned from our trip to find out that there is some problem with Nate's Canadian passport (but no-one is able to tell us what the problem is until tomorrow) so we are delaying our flight until Friday. We are disappointed of course, but we have Nate with us now and another wait is ok.

Our trip to Halong Bay was good...the place itself is amazing. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. More than worth the trouble of getting there and the leaking toilet in our bathroom. Nate seemed to enjoy himself and the staff on the boat all took their turns holding him while we tried to eat our meals. It wasn't until we boarded the first boat that I realized I was getting on a boat without a life jacket for Nate. I tried to laugh it off, but was nervous throughout the whole trip. The first time we took our puppy Lola onto the pontoon boat at the cottage I wanted to put a life jacket on her...and she is a Labrador and could out swim most.
The bay itself is populated by a small floating village. I watched a young boy row his boat with his feet while he enjoyed whatever it was that he was eating. There were dogs barking, laundry hanging and various other everyday activities taking place. Several little row boats approached ours to offer the sale of shells, water, beer and other goods. We wondered if it's possible for someone to live and die on the bay and never see the world beyond it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Victoria Day

Hope you all are enjoying the day off, we saw there was a frost warning in Toronto. It will be 32 here tomorrow without humidex - they don't show the humidex here since it would just always be ridiculous.

Are you wondering if the Canadian Embassy here celebrates Vic Day? They don't, it was open. But the one in Singapore is closed and that is where they are finalizing the citizenship. Cool.

We are off to Halong Bay for a couple days, we need a vacation. We don't yet know when we can leave. Catch ya when we return.

B & N & N

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nate's Top 10

Here are Nate's top 10 favorite things...

10. Swimming in the pool. My one old school one piece bathing suit is nice and form fitting.

9. Taking a walk around Hoan Kiem lake in the afternoon. I enjoy all the attention and the clucking noise all the women make at me. My Mommy has yet to master that noise.

8. Bed is how it works..I lie down on the bed and Daddy leans over me with his hands on either side of me and shakes the bed. It's fun and you should try it sometime.

7. Watching the scene out my window. One of my parents is required to hold me so I can see, but it's fun to watch people play tennis...I still can't figure out why they are so mad at the ball and keep hitting it with their rackets.

6. Making a mess in my diaper. For some reason my parents make all kinds of phewing noises and act as though there is something toxic that needs to be disposed of.

5. Taking naps...not sure why everyone doesn't take more naps...they ROCK!

4. Lying on my belly and doing the cobra...what an awesome yoga move. Provides me with a good back stretch and sometimes makes me fart. I call that killing 2 birds with one stone.

3. Getting fussy while my parents are eating. They seem to want to do anything they can to make me's hilarious.

2. A good warm bottle. I'm working on moving into a middle weight category and formula really seems to help with keeping the scales up.

1. Cuddling with my Mommy and Daddy. No explanation needed other than it just feels good.

Future #1 - being in Canada